Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daddy Daddy.

Wake up every night
Eyes red with tears
I hug my pillow tight
And wish that you were here.

All I want is just answers;
To the reason of these sleepless nights
To this uncertainty
To this doubt
And of course, to all these cries

I still remember it clear
That night you walked out the door
Without a hug or even a goodbye
Hoping and wishing it was all a lie

Was it me that made you left?
Coz if it is I’m begging you now
Daddy daddy just please come home
I promise you I wont cry no more

Now that you’re gone
I’m left here all alone
Daddy daddy, I need you here
I promise you, I’ll be better

5 years have gone past
still U haven’t showed up
But daddy daddy, please don’t worry
I promise you I’ll still be waiting

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

I Love You by Stella

I for imagine, what we could be

L for loyalty, between you and me
O for an oath, we've chosen to make
V for veracity, that we've promised to make
E for eternal, as our love will be

Y for yours, which i will be
O for ongoing what our love shall do
U for unconditional because for always, I'll love you


Sunday, June 7, 2009

Papermate by Eden

Eden's masterpiece when she got bored in math class ;)

'Once upon a time there was a fairy princess named Bob. Bob was a happy fairy princess. He lived in a castle called Castle Koala! He lived with his parents, who are fairies too. King Harry and Queen Charles. They all lived happily in Castle Koala, in the land far far away of Shobert. However one day the land was attacked by the evil Hitler and his army of blonde haired blue eyed babies.
Seeing that the royal family are the only humans in their kingdom, the king ordered his strongest animal warriors to defend them. Eden the one fingered mole, Stella the coo coo panda, Sara the hairless Chinese cat, Shiggy the limbless hippo, Oznur the honkey, Sally the sperm, Sam the Okapi, Sofia the ant eater and last but not least Carboner the red assed baboon.
The warriors faced the hardest challenege of battling two of the strongest enemies. Kate the bullfrog and Matt the peacock.....it was a tough battle, but in the end Bob dies and everyone decided that Sara should be Princess Muaha!'


Forever And Always by Sara


The story of how my parents met had been told to me many times. I know it like most children knows the story of Cinderella or any other fairy tale. After my father died, my mother would tell it to me on those nights when i missed him most. I have always dream of meeting someone and falling in love the way they did; and surprisingly i did. But i never thought that it would end on the most important day of my life, the day i had been waiting for a long time.

26th of April, 2007

i woke up to the smell of roses next to my pillow."He remembered", i thought and smiled. I ran downstairs with the bouquet of red roses in my hand. I went to the kitchen to check on the calendar.it was the 26th of April. I chuckled as i remembered that day, the first day i met Adam.

3 years ago...

it was a cold winter morning. When i woke up, i decided to go buy a cup of coffee which has been my daily ritual for the past 3 years. While i was walking through the door, i ran into a tall, lean guy in his mid-to-late 20s. He has this messy dark hair, which didn't mask his head but it suited him perfectly. Although so much more caught my attention; it was his eyes that attracted my gaze. Green weaved around the pupil as brown filled the spaces of his almond-shaped eyes.

I was interrupted as i noticed him laughing at the fact that i had been staring at him. Before i could react, his hand reached for mine, pulling me up to my feet. I blushed as he said, "You were a bit late today, I was starting to think you were not going to come". I flushed a deeper shade of red as i realized he was still holding my hand. His eyes didn't leave mine as he twitched a smile at the corner of his lips...

26th of April, 2008
12.00 pm

As i walked slowly upstairs, my eyes caught a red piece of paper on the floor. It was a card from Adam. With a huge grin, i picked the card up and stared at it for a second. In front of it was a love heart with my name written on the side of the card with his neat handwriting. It was a small, plain card with a white background. I opened the card slowly, excited and curious at the same time. He wrote :

pick you up at 8.
Love, Adam

i stared impatiently at the clock on the wall, listening to the sound of it ticking slowly, checking the time nearly every hour. After a while, i decided to get ready at 7 pm. i picked a black silk dress that goes down to my knees and matched it with a silver necklace i got from Adam last Valentine's Day.

9.30 pm

"He's late", i muttered to myself, angry but worried. i tried to call him a few times but no one answered. That was when i felt a sudden twitch in my stomach. Before i knew it, all these stupid questions started playing in my mind. "what if something happened to him?something bad..What if he is..." I shook my head as if the thought would go away.

The phone in the living room rang a few times interrupting my thoughts.I rushed to the phone hoping it would be Adam. It was Matt, his friend. I noticed that his voice was different, it was shaking; like he had been crying. All he said was "Its Adam. He...he's gotten into an accident. They aren't able to do anything. I'm sorry..." it was all said in a rush. I didnt know what to think, my mind went blank. No noise was heard on the end of the line. i knew he was there waiting for me to say something but i couldn't get myself to speak.

i could feel a tightness in my chest and then i heard Matt speak, " come to the hospital, there's something i have to give you. Its really important.." Without saying anything, i hung up on him and hurried to the hospital. while i was in the car, i tried to put together what Matt had said on the phone. i couldn't think clearly anymore. Everything seemed to pop out at the same time; every thought, every feeling. Or maybe there is nothing at all, like a blank, white wall. I tried to cry, but i couldn't seem to feel anything.

I dragged my feet slowly through the hospital corridor. " maybe it was all a joke, a surprise..Maybe if i just go back and wait for him to come and pick me up as he promised...". My mind was still refusing to believe what Matt had said, until i saw him. His eyes were red from all the crying. He walked towards me and gave me a hug. That was when i know it was real. Everything we planned, we dreamed was all just a... dream now.

After a while, he took my shaking hand and gave me something that appeared to be a diamond ring. Three words were carved beautifully around the ring, "forever and Always". i started to feel pain in my stomach. suddenly, everything around me went blurry as i realized tears were streaking down my face.


after that day, I cried for weeks and refused to talk to anyone. Everything seems to have a memory; memory of him.I was miserable for months, maybe years. But it was Matt who kept me company,who helped me move on all this time. Now, here i was in the same coffee shop with his friend and now my fiance, Matt. I missed Adam a lot, Matt does too. Forever and always