Sunday, June 7, 2009

Forever And Always by Sara


The story of how my parents met had been told to me many times. I know it like most children knows the story of Cinderella or any other fairy tale. After my father died, my mother would tell it to me on those nights when i missed him most. I have always dream of meeting someone and falling in love the way they did; and surprisingly i did. But i never thought that it would end on the most important day of my life, the day i had been waiting for a long time.

26th of April, 2007

i woke up to the smell of roses next to my pillow."He remembered", i thought and smiled. I ran downstairs with the bouquet of red roses in my hand. I went to the kitchen to check on the was the 26th of April. I chuckled as i remembered that day, the first day i met Adam.

3 years ago...

it was a cold winter morning. When i woke up, i decided to go buy a cup of coffee which has been my daily ritual for the past 3 years. While i was walking through the door, i ran into a tall, lean guy in his mid-to-late 20s. He has this messy dark hair, which didn't mask his head but it suited him perfectly. Although so much more caught my attention; it was his eyes that attracted my gaze. Green weaved around the pupil as brown filled the spaces of his almond-shaped eyes.

I was interrupted as i noticed him laughing at the fact that i had been staring at him. Before i could react, his hand reached for mine, pulling me up to my feet. I blushed as he said, "You were a bit late today, I was starting to think you were not going to come". I flushed a deeper shade of red as i realized he was still holding my hand. His eyes didn't leave mine as he twitched a smile at the corner of his lips...

26th of April, 2008
12.00 pm

As i walked slowly upstairs, my eyes caught a red piece of paper on the floor. It was a card from Adam. With a huge grin, i picked the card up and stared at it for a second. In front of it was a love heart with my name written on the side of the card with his neat handwriting. It was a small, plain card with a white background. I opened the card slowly, excited and curious at the same time. He wrote :

pick you up at 8.
Love, Adam

i stared impatiently at the clock on the wall, listening to the sound of it ticking slowly, checking the time nearly every hour. After a while, i decided to get ready at 7 pm. i picked a black silk dress that goes down to my knees and matched it with a silver necklace i got from Adam last Valentine's Day.

9.30 pm

"He's late", i muttered to myself, angry but worried. i tried to call him a few times but no one answered. That was when i felt a sudden twitch in my stomach. Before i knew it, all these stupid questions started playing in my mind. "what if something happened to him?something bad..What if he is..." I shook my head as if the thought would go away.

The phone in the living room rang a few times interrupting my thoughts.I rushed to the phone hoping it would be Adam. It was Matt, his friend. I noticed that his voice was different, it was shaking; like he had been crying. All he said was "Its Adam. He...he's gotten into an accident. They aren't able to do anything. I'm sorry..." it was all said in a rush. I didnt know what to think, my mind went blank. No noise was heard on the end of the line. i knew he was there waiting for me to say something but i couldn't get myself to speak.

i could feel a tightness in my chest and then i heard Matt speak, " come to the hospital, there's something i have to give you. Its really important.." Without saying anything, i hung up on him and hurried to the hospital. while i was in the car, i tried to put together what Matt had said on the phone. i couldn't think clearly anymore. Everything seemed to pop out at the same time; every thought, every feeling. Or maybe there is nothing at all, like a blank, white wall. I tried to cry, but i couldn't seem to feel anything.

I dragged my feet slowly through the hospital corridor. " maybe it was all a joke, a surprise..Maybe if i just go back and wait for him to come and pick me up as he promised...". My mind was still refusing to believe what Matt had said, until i saw him. His eyes were red from all the crying. He walked towards me and gave me a hug. That was when i know it was real. Everything we planned, we dreamed was all just a... dream now.

After a while, he took my shaking hand and gave me something that appeared to be a diamond ring. Three words were carved beautifully around the ring, "forever and Always". i started to feel pain in my stomach. suddenly, everything around me went blurry as i realized tears were streaking down my face.


after that day, I cried for weeks and refused to talk to anyone. Everything seems to have a memory; memory of him.I was miserable for months, maybe years. But it was Matt who kept me company,who helped me move on all this time. Now, here i was in the same coffee shop with his friend and now my fiance, Matt. I missed Adam a lot, Matt does too. Forever and always