Sunday, June 7, 2009

Papermate by Eden

Eden's masterpiece when she got bored in math class ;)

'Once upon a time there was a fairy princess named Bob. Bob was a happy fairy princess. He lived in a castle called Castle Koala! He lived with his parents, who are fairies too. King Harry and Queen Charles. They all lived happily in Castle Koala, in the land far far away of Shobert. However one day the land was attacked by the evil Hitler and his army of blonde haired blue eyed babies.
Seeing that the royal family are the only humans in their kingdom, the king ordered his strongest animal warriors to defend them. Eden the one fingered mole, Stella the coo coo panda, Sara the hairless Chinese cat, Shiggy the limbless hippo, Oznur the honkey, Sally the sperm, Sam the Okapi, Sofia the ant eater and last but not least Carboner the red assed baboon.
The warriors faced the hardest challenege of battling two of the strongest enemies. Kate the bullfrog and Matt the was a tough battle, but in the end Bob dies and everyone decided that Sara should be Princess Muaha!'


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