Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Daddy Daddy.

Wake up every night
Eyes red with tears
I hug my pillow tight
And wish that you were here.

All I want is just answers;
To the reason of these sleepless nights
To this uncertainty
To this doubt
And of course, to all these cries

I still remember it clear
That night you walked out the door
Without a hug or even a goodbye
Hoping and wishing it was all a lie

Was it me that made you left?
Coz if it is I’m begging you now
Daddy daddy just please come home
I promise you I wont cry no more

Now that you’re gone
I’m left here all alone
Daddy daddy, I need you here
I promise you, I’ll be better

5 years have gone past
still U haven’t showed up
But daddy daddy, please don’t worry
I promise you I’ll still be waiting

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