Monday, August 3, 2009


Finally, she walked out the door. She dragged her feet slowly along the street; without any direction, without any destination. Her eyes were red from all the tears, the tears that haven’t stopped since the last fight. She can still remember it clearly as it kept playing in her mind over and over again, like a broken record playing back and forth over the disc. All the screams and cries that ended with her saying, “It’s over”. But from all the tears and the unfathomable feelings, one thing she knew for sure was that she was free. The feeling of relief was somewhat satisfying. It was like the whole world on her shoulder had finally been lifted; like she had been holding her breath for such a long time and finally, she could let it go She didn’t care about the people staring on the street wondering what was wrong, or how far and long she had walked, she was free and that was all that mattered. Finally, she was free.

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